Cars stuck on tram tracks

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Cars stuck on tram tracks
12 Jul

Cars getting stuck on Manchester’s tram tracks

Another day in Manchester, another car stuck in the middle of the tram tracks. What began as a mere annoyance for tram passengers, is slowly becoming an issue that plagues the metrolink tracks across Manchester.

For some strange and peculiar reason, drivers keep getting their car stuck on tram tracks across the city. But what is the reason for that? What’s causing all the incidents?

If they all happened in the same area, we could simply blame it on a lack of signage or an issue with the road. This isn’t the case however, as these incidents occur all over the place.

From Manchester Airport to St Peter’s Square, the last two years witnessed a staggering number of such incidents.

Almost every week there is a story in the news about another vehicle getting stuck, causing travel delays and frustrating commuters of Manchester.

Due to the fact that most of the metrolink lines are connected in some way, one tram getting delayed is enough to wreak havoc across the whole city.

There’s no explanation as to why this keeps happening, and as far as we know, it isn’t being investigated at the moment.

Whether it’s the lack of signage, issues with the roads, or sheer stupidity, something needs to be done about the issue, before it becomes more serious.

As mentioned above, almost every week there is a news story about yet another car getting stuck. It happens too often to be coincidental, so what is causing all these incidents.

The most likely solution is a mix of all the possible causes. There is a lack of signage in certain areas, and the roads across Manchester aren’t really known for being smooth and easy to drive on. Throw in a few irresponsible drivers and you have a solution.

Whether that’s the case or if it’s something completely different we’re not picking up on, there’s no denying that something needs to be stop to put an end to this madness.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Why do you think cars keep getting stuck on Manchester’s tram tracks? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more fun articles from Manchester Automotive.

Cars getting stuck on Manchester’s tram tracks
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Cars getting stuck on Manchester’s tram tracks
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