Ford Trafford Park Assembly Plant

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Ford Trafford Park Assembly Plant
09 Feb

Manchester is home to many wonderful things. Over the years, the city has experienced a lot of growth and to this day it’s often considered one of the most important places in the UK. Manchester has a rich history that goes back centuries, which is why we love the city so much.

Today we are going to take a look back at something that has been around for a while. We are of course talking about the Ford Trafford Park Assembly Plant.

Founded in the early 20th Century, the factory was the first place outside the US to manufacture Ford vehicles. Located at the industrial park known as Trafford Park, the factory began producing Ford vehicles around 1911.

At the time, the US car industry was booming and Ford was transforming the way people travelled. Ford Model T was breaking records, selling more units than any other vehicle from the era.

The demand was very high for the Model T, which is why in 1911 Ford began producing the vehicle at its Trafford Park Assembly Plant.

Although the factory remained popular, the high demand for Ford vehicles was a little overwhelming and by the early 1920’s the company was slowly reaching its limits. It couldn’t cope with the pressure and it wasn’t able to produce as many cars as it should have.

By the late 1920’s Ford has made the decision to acquire a larger site to meet the ever-growing demand.

It found its new home in Dagenham and in October 1931, the site was launched and the first vehicle was produced. Unfortunately, the very same month, the last vehicle was produced at the Trafford Park Assembly Plant.

It’s great to know that Manchester played an important role in Ford’s history. Although it didn’t last very long, the very first Ford vehicles to be built in the UK were manufactured in our city and that’s fantastic.

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