Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle Scheme

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Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle Scheme
02 Feb

Back in 2013 it has emerged that a new electric vehicle scheme would be launching in the city. Transport for Greater Manchester was to be in charge of the scheme, which was designed to bring a network of electric vehicle charging points across Greater Manchester.

It’s been nearly 3 years since the scheme was launched, which is why today we’re going to look at whether the scheme was successful and if all the promises made ever materialised.

From looking at the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle scheme (GMEV) official website, it is clear that the scheme is in full swing. More charging bays than ever before can be found across Greater Manchester making it easier for owners of electric cars to recharge their vehicles.

It’s great to see our city adapting and attempting to make it as easy for us as possible to get around.

In the recent years electric cars have experienced a growth in popularity and with more people than ever owning electric vehicles it’s time for cities to do more to encourage people to switch to electric.

Manchester has always been able to adapt and evolve with times, which is part of the reason why it remained so popular. The times are changing, which is why it’s crucial for local governments to do more. By offering schemes like the one in Greater Manchester, they would be encouraging more people to consider switching to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are much better for the environment and with many big car manufacturers developing their own electric cars, there’s a lot of different models for people to choose from.

We are entering a new era, with electric cars and autonomous vehicles becoming very popular, so it’s fantastic to see that Manchester is taking notice and adapting accordingly to stay ahead of the game and provide its citizens with everything they might need.

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