Does Manchester deserve its own car show?

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With the recent success of the London Motor Show, many are wondering whether Manchester deserves its very own car show.

Automotive shows have been around since the industry first came into existence all those years ago. They allow carmakers to showcase their new ideas, upcoming models and fantastic concepts. They’re a great way for manufacturers to connect with their fans and potential customers.

Whereas the likes of the Geneva Motor Show have been around for decades, England’s history in the field is quite shaky. London used to be known for its motor shows, however due to a decline in interest, one of the biggest shows in town was cancelled a few years back and it wasn’t until this year that the London Motor Show has returned.

So does Manchester deserve its own show? We’d like to think so. Manchester is home to many wonderful things and with a rich automotive history, it would be the perfect place to host such an event on a big scale.

We’re not talking about small car show here, we are talking about the big ones, ones that could compete with the likes of Geneva and Beijing.

Manchester is the place where one of the most luxurious brands the industry has ever seen was born. Yes, we are talking about Roll-Royce. On top of that Trafford was where Ford Model T was originally produced by in the early 20th Century.

Our town would definitely be the perfect setting for a huge automotive event, however is that likely to happen any time soon? We doubt it.

London is one of the UK’s biggest cities so it’s clearly the place where such events will likely be held in the future. As awesome as it would be to see a car show on that scale here in Manchester, we don’t think the demand would be high enough, however we can always dream.

Would you like to see a big automotive show held in Manchester? If so, would you go to it if it happened? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more fun content from Manchester Automotive.

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