Manchester named UK’s car-keying capital

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Manchester named UK’s car-keying capital
22 Apr

Manchester is an incredible city known for many different things. According to recent reports, it’s also the UK’s car-keying capital. That’s right, our beloved Manchester is reportedly the one city in the whole of Britain with the most “car-keying” crimes reported.

Co-operative Insurance claims that more car-keying incidents happen in Manchester than anywhere else in the UK. This doesn’t reflect the number of “malicious damage” occurrences however, which are on the decline as a whole.

Based on last year’s figures, Co-operative Insurance reports that claims for the average car-keying attack increased from around £40 to a whopping £1,001 year-on-year.

This is a staggering increase, which doesn’t look too promising. Unfortunately, much can’t be done about crimes like these as it’s hard to predict them. There is no apparent pattern that links them together, which makes them difficult to prevent.

Such crimes have plagued car owners ever since vehicles were first introduced. Not much can be done about them and because how easy it is to, for example, key a car, it’s often hard to catch the person who does it.

Until vandals find a different way of interacting with the world and their surroundings, this is something car owners will just have to accept.

There are ways to prevent the likelihood of your car getting keyed, however there’s no guarantee it’s not going to happen. You can always park your vehicle in your garage, if you have one, instead of leaving it out on the street.

It’s interesting to learn that Manchester is the car-keying capital of the UK. It would be even more interesting to learn how people feel about that.

Hopefully, a solution for the problem will emerge at some point in the future.

How do you feel about Manchester being named UK’s car-keying capital? Have you ever been affected by it? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to come back soon for more articles about cars in Manchester.


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