Mancunian Way closes for two days

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Mancunian Way closes for two days
15 Jun

Motorists hoping for a stress-free journey to work this morning were disappointed to learn that the Mancunian Way has been completely closed for two days.

The sinkhole saga continues, with the whole of Mancunian Way closed for two days, in order for necessary repairs to take place.

In case you don’t remember, last year a giant sinkhole appeared right in the middle of the Mancunian Way following heavy downpour.

Although, works began straightaway, it’s been months and the road still hasn’t been restored to its original, pre-sinkhole state.

Originally thought to be a much smaller issue, to sinkhole turned out to be much larger than expected, resulting in an increased estimate of how long it would be until it was fixed.

The Mancunian Way sinkhole might be the largest; however, it isn’t the only to plague Manchester in the recent months.

A staggering number of sinkholes have appeared across the city centre late last year, fuelling discussion about the state of our roads.

Many aren’t pleased with the state of our roads, and the long time the government is taking to provide a suitable solution.

The smaller sinkholes were much easier to fix, but the big one remains an issue to this day.

Thankfully, after tomorrow, the sinkhole will be history, as works are being carried out on it as we speak.

Although, it’s not ideal that motorists will have to suffer this Monday morning, they can rest assured knowing that the sinkhole will no longer disrupt their daily commute after tomorrow.

It’s definitely not ideal that it has taken this long for the issue to be resolved; however, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

More road works are scheduled to take place across Manchester, over the next couple of years to improve the quality of our roads, but let’s not get carried away, as for now we can enjoy our victory. Manchester- 1 Sinkhole- 0.

Have you been affected by the Mancunian Way sinkhole? What are your thoughts on the two day closure? Let us know your thoughts, and come back soon for more interesting articles from Manchester Automotive.

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