Manchester Sinkholes Cause Traffic Chaos

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Manchester Sinkholes Cause Traffic Chaos
27 Nov

It’s no secret that the roads in Manchester are less than perfect. The public often complains about the state our roads are in however not much is being done about it. In the recent months 4 sinkholes appeared in different locations around Manchester. Caused by extreme weather we’ve been experiencing lately, the sinkholes resulted in traffic chaos. Roads had to be closed and emergency road works had to take place.

Followed by a period of heavy rain, the first 40ft sinkhole appeared on Mancunian Way in August. It caused a chaos for many as the road had to be closed following reports that the hole appeared to be getting bigger.

A second sinkhole appeared on Mancunian Way in September. Because it was so close to the location of the original sinkhole the chaos it caused was even greater.

The third sinkhole was much smaller in size compared to the previous two. It appeared in October on Great Bridgewater Street. Although the sinkhole was smaller it still caused quite a lot of disruption.

The fourth, and so far the final, sinkhole appeared in November. Medium in size, it was located on the Whitworth Street and Oxford Street junction. The sinkhole caused some disruption to bus services and commuters however it was quickly taken care of.

When it comes to the way in which the sinkholes were dealt with, there’s no denying that a lot was done in order to fix the problem.

Works are still taking place, on Mancunian Way in particular, in attempts to get the roads to their pre-sinkhole glory.

It is not clear whether any new sinkholes are expected to appear on our roads anytime soon. At least now we know that if they do, we’re sure they’ll be dealt with in no time.

Many are calling the phenomenon strange however experts are saying that it’s common for sinkholes to appear following heavy rain and extreme weather.

Only time will tell whether any more sinkholes will appear however going off the current pattern we should expect one this month. Hopefully it doesn’t happen though as we don’t need any more traffic disruptions at the moment.



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