Toyota i-TRIL

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Toyota i-TRIL
23 Mar

The Toyota i-TRIL concept is the most technologically advanced concept from the brand yet. Introduced in Geneva recently, it is a testament to the company’s motto Waku Doki which translates to ‘beat of the heart’. The concept is aimed at popularising the idea of EVs, something that all car makers agree the future belongs to.

Based on Lean Technology which was tested by Toyota earlier in i-Road concept, the new Toyota i-TRIL weighs only 600kg. It is 2830mm in length; the front track of the car is 1200mm in width while the rear is 600mm. The height is set at around 1460mm.The structure is designed to allow more safety by ensuring that the tires are perpendicular to the road at all times. This makes it a much more appealing commodity as compared to other alternatives with the same capacity.

The vehicle looks halfway between a motorcycle and a compact car. It was designed keeping in mind a mother with two kids who wishes to travel safely without much hassle. The front wheels are separated from the main body. The most interesting part is that the butterfly opening doors take a part of the floor with them which allows better access to the seats. Once you’re in, the door closes re-adjusting the parts it earlier removed.

The makers hope that the car would allow a driving distance of over 200km once fully charged. The front cabin is called Me Time while the two bench seats at the back are known as Kids Happy. Both parts are separated yet well integrated into the design. The fabric and vibrant colours used for the interiors further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. This car surely looks to make life easier for women as it not only facilitates frequent travel but makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Toyota i-TRIL
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Toyota i-TRIL
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