Wilmslow Motor Show

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Wilmslow Motor Show
29 Sep

Wilmslow Motor Show: Thousands gather to see luxury cars

The Wilmslow Motor Show took place over the weekend, with around 30,000 people gathering to see a variety of incredible luxury cars.

We don’t get a lot of car shows here in Manchester, which is something we have mentioned before. Apart from a few smaller events, car fanatics have to travel quite some distance in order to get to experience what a true automotive show is truly about.

Fortunately, the Wilmslow Motor Show is here to satisfy those curious about sports cars, and allow everyday people to be in the presence of some truly spectacular vehilces.

This year the event managed to attract nearly 30,000 people, with brands such as Rolls Royce, McLaren and Tesla making an appearance.

It was truly the place to be for any car enthusiast. The streets were filled with amazing cars, showcasing what they are capable of. Thousands of on-lookers got to experience some of the most renowned carmakers on the planet in all their glory, which is a rare sight.

The Wilmslow Motor Show is a great example that Manchester can certainly handle an even of such scale. We have said this before; however, it remains unlikely that we will ever get to see a show on a scale of Geneva or Paris.

Car enthusiasts from Manchester can rest assured however that we are likely going to see a lot smaller events such as the one in Wilmslow pop up occasionally, to feed the appetite of car fanatics.

Whether you attended this year’s show or not, there’s no denying that it was a wonderful event worth experiencing.

Fortunately the turnout proves to corporations that our city is more than capable of handling such a show, and that there’s definitely a demand for it.

What did you think of the Wilmslow Motor Show? Did you attend, and if so was it worth it? Let us know your thoughts down below or drop us a quick line. Don’t forget to return shortly for more informative and fun articles from Manchester Automotive and be sure to check out the rest of our site for more fun content.

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